Is Xmas really so fabulous?

Welly weather has gone wet but the garden has produced a lot of stuff…found the first courgette today.


The flaxes are superb and attracting the tuis (at


It’s four years since Lyn died

with the attendant memories of both him and Bells and the trip south thru the snow to Mum…….and I realise every year….I hate Xmas and am always pleased when it’s over. Next year I’m going to Sri Lanka or Bali (I say that every year). Somewhere non-Christian anyway.

Although to be fair there are a few engagements and catch ups for next week which’ll be grand and of course the Xmas barbie will be wonderful and a chance to catch up with the wandering nephew….and we are not doing presents but sigh….think I’ve got the pre-Xmas blurchs. Today one of my closest friends ( well an executor of my will anyway) left Welly for Auckland.

AND the consultant today tells me that the foot may never heal and that we have pretty much had our 300 days of possibility. Looks like sticks in Italy.

Ah well at least I can drive and the garden is looking so good we are holding a birthday party in it this weekend…

Just have to get thru Xmas….sigh.


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