HTown on a good day

It was lovely to be in H town and to see ‘old’ friends. It was also lovely to sit in the sun and to continue the ritual of coffee at Casalinga. It was equally fine to go to the swimming lessons and see Betty and Ella do their stuff. Thanks so much to Marg and Victor for a great dinner and heaps of aroha.

But not so lovely return to Welly (although the flight in was a dream) and the long walk from the plane the usual difficult event despite meeting an acquaintance, but fabulous to pick up the car and drive home. Alas the only booze in the house is retsina which makes adding the photos a tad difficult by now.

(Once again I have neither edited nor cropped the images -sorry)

Ah home is great though! Garden looks good!

Thanks to Marg, Jane and Trish who made it all work. You are good and great friends.

I have to also share this from an ‘old’ school friend in Perth. It’s a real rotfl event.


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