A few bits and pieces

to round off the week.

This morning I was looking in the cupboard for something and found a lot of shoes…some of them very nice and some of them bought to wear after the operation. So I think the next plan is to wear those shoes.

And the plan after that is to walk properly so that when I am in England, Italy and Greece I’ll be able to climb hills, walk into theatres and around museums. Although the back-up plan is to go to one place and stay there, taking train and bus trips around. Which sounds pretty good to me. I guess a report on being a semi-cripple in Italy will be forthcoming. I hope they sort the strife in Thailand before my plane lands there. And Mumbai. How awful but Fisky would see the connections with what the West is doing and the troubles in Afghanistan and the latest events in India. When people feel desperate they do desperate things.

Meanwhile the garden is flourishing and the native walkway taking shape – at least there has been some clearance of old rubbish! The raised garden is a great success as I am able to wander out to cut my spinach/salad plants and sit on the seat weeding while supping the wine. Very satisfactory.

And the sun just keeps on shining! Wellington has been superb: soft evenings at Lyall Bay, calm clear waters of Pauatahanui in the morning or the harbour on other days. The hills opposite my window are brown and dry and the sunsets…superb. It’s been sunny, hot, still – fabulous. As they say “Ya can’t beat Welly on a Good Day” 🙂

You are best to read these images as they are: I did not crop them so enlarged they are not so great. Sorry. I see some people have been browsing.


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