Does driving improve Quality of Life?

bagsWell yes it does. While it was nice to meet all the shuttle bus drivers….it’s even better to drive alone with stereo volume up really high. BlueMazzie, I discover, has a very very good stereo and the six stacking CD player makes life very pleasant. I’m replaying some of the CDs that young Tim has given me over the years……Of course it’s Antony that I like to sing along to and the Roots of course, but John Legend is cool for a singalong too. (I’ve just realised that PDA stands for Public Display of Affection not some hand held device for receiving messages (what does PDA stands for? Palm…..) So yep it’s pretty good.

It also means that I have more social contact with acquaintances (supermarket, market) and can make movie appointments and get there unaided. I can contemplate the upcoming trip to Hamilton by driving car to airport car park, offer to take Lizzie back to Napier and, as recorded before, I can be the sober driver and take friends who have been sooo good to me about and around. And take young Georgie to the movies (yerch some teenager thing. We’ve agreed not too much shooting and killing). Visit the NewDowse before the great outsider exhibition closed and view the Wallace prize entries.

And I can carry my reusable shopping bags to the supermarket so be a better person. Oops that involves petrol. It’s great that petrol prices have come down just as I start to drive, but I am conscious of the increased environmental cost to my being able to drive. Ah, but like the rest of the country I guess I can just say…..nmp. For a while at least.


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