Oh bugger

What can I say?  Shattered by the prospect of a right wing government ….at least the U S of A that we’ll cosy up to is left leaning now.

Time to get out the combat gear again I guess. Oh that’s so scary. Everything that has been gained in the last 9 years will be dismantled. Roger Douglas aaaaargh back to haunt us.  Maybe it’s time to emigrate.

Goodbye Helen and thanks heaps.

I was going to write about a great party where there were lots of cripples dancing,  including me, and I thought I had  a great shot of dancing cripples but ah well this is the best I got.  There was great (live and real ) music too AND I was the sober driver.  But I’m too depressed now.

The next day after a time in the garden pulling weeds:  OK While Helen Black recommends Steve Braunias’ scathing article in the SStimes, (i.e. so who is he really?) I have to say that I favour Chris Trotter, The night MMP couldn’t save us from ourselves.

“You can read it on the pages of the right wing media: the smug certainties of our genteel suburban fascisti – regurgitated to order by publications long used to dripping the oleaginous phraseology of ‘responsible journalism’ all over the jagged edges of their readers’ class advantage”.

A man with the skill to write a sentence like that deserves a medal!

At the end of the day: I guess I can live with this. Have before……just have to grit teeth a lot.



5 thoughts on “Oh bugger

  1. The adjective ‘oleaginous’ is a wonderful word particularly as applied to Sir Keith Holyoake back in the day. I do find Chris’ prose a little overcooked, but his sentiments in the rest of the article are in the right place.

    Steve is a local Pt Chev boy and excelled himself with this description of Shonky J aka Mr Ambiguity commenting on ‘ …the bitter little rage that had briefly sparked in his brown, bovine eyes.’ Oh yes that works for me.


  2. overcooked hmmmmm ok but he suited my mood that day and yes that’s a pretty good adjectival phrase too. Maybe the new govt will give us some pithier writing! ing!


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