Can’t beat Wellington on a Good Day

I had  the luxury of a day in Welly today.  Soo good to walk down Cuba Street and feeeeel all the alternative culture, visit Real Groovy and find it alive if not yet kicking again, eat a Greek salad in the sun, watch the people at Fidel’s cafe (I’ve discovered that ‘darling’ is a nice epithet and the young people in Fidels agree) and all the people outside the Astoria, see the sea sparkling from the train, meet acquaintances and enjoy the ambiance of the place.

Car is healed and so am I. Spiritually at least.

Which doesn’t mean that there aren’t still things to moan about regarding being a cripple: I still don’t ‘get’ the Welly Railway Station. I alight from the bus (lowered steps for comfort) then have to descend stairs – the hand rail best for me is on the right but people come up on their left so it’s a bit tricky. Could they have a rail down the middle so that I still stay on the left but can hang onto the right?  Why are there no lifts? How do people in wheelchairs get on? Then the walk under the road is quite long…and getting onto the trains not that easy. Then at Porirua it’s quite hard getting off, a long walk or steep stairs….It just makes using public transport difficult.

Which reminds me: it was lovely to be in Auckland but annoying (from cripple perspective) that Qantas has shut down the toilets at their end of the building and that the plane was delayed. This meant that I needed some restraint about the usual time killer (flat white) and I still can’t think where the toilets are at the other end of the building. Failed to spot the sign. And it was a bloody long walk just getting to the coffee shop.

But that pales into the background against the fabulousness of a lazy, slow day in Welly On a Good Day and the enjoyment of the new Rhombus CD…..


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