Sega sega

as the Greeks say. Or plus lentment if you’re of the French persuasion or slowly slowly for the English and perhaps he iti te haere if you wish.

Third driving lesson.

It’s ok.

I think.


(re) Learning to drive is, I discover, an emotional event. Since my father taught me to drive all those years ago, then up and died ten years later, there are latent memories that surface. How he taught me to drive, what he said, the things he explained to me, how it felt – these all become significant. As opposed to my mother (who lived longer) whose approach was more….emotional. These memories surface, I discover, when you try to relearn something that has become a natural way of being for sooo long. I am aware too of all that cognitive dissonance that occurs and the emotional journey; fear, finding a mentor, finding helpful and supportive friends (thanks to those of you who told me you were ‘there’), conquering the fear, moving on. We just keep on learnin’ don’t we?

Dad then
Dad then

The car?

Pink and grey Vauxhall PA. Column change.

I deleted the image ‘cos I was worried about copyright……you can see Vauxhalls here tho:
Image from

And hello to temporary cripple Marg. Hope the ankle clears up soon….


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