For those of you reading this to keep up with the garden (thanks for comments) here’s the latest.

For those of you more mechanically inclined, car is now parked in one of the parking spots but not the right one…..drove it today with instructor. Problem is, it reminds me of riding a horse (I know I know – ‘horse power’). It’s that sense that it has a lot of power and as soon as I let it out of the stable it wants to go……and as I have discovered it does (go).

Nicotine helps. (sadly). Thanks very much for supportive comments.

For those of you with a literary or world-wide awareness frame of mind I have just ‘done’ Algeria in Fisk’s book. Man oh man. I read, last year The Harbour (can’t find the link to tell you more) and that alerted me to the story of Algeria. Don’t know what to say. I still don’t understand the whole story but feel sickened that those kinds of things can happen to people and that anyone who knows about it doesn’t want to do/can’t anything. Colonial powers have a lot to answer for …but we knew that.

(a bit later) onto the Kuwaiti war now…..All that cynicism we had about ’embedded journalists’ (not Fisky of course) – we were right.

So that’s a happy thought then, eh?


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