OK, I know it’s not all about me

but here’s the latest. This is my former support (except when I need it for drama).

Yes walking stick is history.

former support-2
former support-2

BTW Mo says if I am really bored I can read his software info so here it is if you too are bored.

Got an email about Movember so I guess it’s gonna be time to support the number one nephew soon. I’ll be letting you know about the breast cancer photos we had done at the gym and the calendar for 2009 too….

So where is real cripple Pati? Poster boy for safety week seems not to want participate in this. Ah well, he tells me he is too busy organising social events.

Note: Turning the image is too hard right now so you’ll have to turn your heads.
Note 2: Very satisfying talking to city councillors about tiles, urban design and related subjects. I think community groups go with the ‘good things’ category.


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