Scary stuff

Got up early and being a determined sort of gal went out for a drive around the block. Perfect…bit slow but perfect.

Got home thought I’d park car nicely …… this is sooooooo scary.

parked car
parked car

Thank god for extended family……Keith and Josie came to get car out and Gary helps with clearing it all away,

The image I realise does not make clear what happened: I was facing downhill and went to reverse into a respectable car parking place…..but when I took the handbrake off I put my foot on the clutch (yes that’s right the accelerator is not a clutch) and ended up doing a burn out on the lawn, a 360 degree turn narrowly missing the neighbour’s living room and knocking down the rhodo….scary.

post script: driving lesson – went ok in instructor’s car. phew all good.


7 thoughts on “Scary stuff

  1. Pretty styley park girl! How about a picture of the burnout marks? Glad that you and the new car are both unscathed. Happy thoughts for the rest of the bonding process.


  2. Scary stuff indeed. It’s amazing how something as complex as driving a car with a manual gearbox leads to all sorts of ingrained , almost instinctive physical habits/associations (i.e. when you pull up the handbrake, the left foot automatically stomps the clutch).


  3. especially if you think that I have been driving manuals for 40 years (i.e. that’s longer than you’ve been on this planet) so yep – hill start (in reverse too) handbrake, clutch, ……hmmmm bear in mind too that I learned to drive in Dunedin ……..hardly any flat bits at all (well maybe near Rua’s)so it’s hill starts all the way up Stuart Street especially in the old Vauxhall PA…there’s a lot of unlearning to do there….


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