A bit of a week

I am not sure that many people are dashing to read this……but it serves its purpose for me at present.

A bit like those circular letters I used to think were odd….blogs are the new newsletter I guess.

I realised that the recent supports are starting to go- ACC have reduced the home help, I need a new personal trainer, Indar, my regular taxi man is in hospital and ACC are starting to make noises about reducing the therapy days. Suddenly it’s as if all the regular support has gone, and while I acknowledge a new phase is required, it still feels as if I am in limbo with no sense of the regular support structures. I remember doing mind maps with students with disabilities (many years ago) and most of their relationships were with caregivers. Scary stuff until it happens to you – then it’s really scarey.

Just as well I am resourceful. And have Nick Cave. And good friends.

This btw was the music we used for Bella’s story (version 2). The first was Drift Away which she and I sang when I drove her and Margaret home from the hospital.

You can see her story here Digital Life Stories and maybe add your own!

Footnote: Week ended in a better state with two visits: an old friend who loves to cook πŸ™‚ (and invite, happily, others along) and two friends on Saturday, one of whom did a small task for me that involved digging! πŸ™‚ Thanks again.


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