Airports and train stations

Mulling it over today – they are the worst. Excepting of course all buildings that have tiles and exist in wet climates.

Qantas wins slightly over AirNZ for ease of use, and because when staff do offer help it’s just slightly less patronizing. AirNZ, however are good once you are on the plane. It’s the getting on to the plane that’s the bugbear!

The worst is the AirNZ Hamilton gate at Wellington airport.  It takes ages to get to, the walk is downhill (really annoying on a crutch) and there is no hope of assistance, it being a long lonely walk. Then, on the day I was there I walked onto the tarmac (no help thanks) and was nearly blown over by a plane taking off. Help! Welly airport is bad enough on a good day!

The help thing is fraught, I admit. Over do it and I’ll whack you with my stick. Underdo and I’ll moan all the way down the walkways.

However, folk in Rarotonga and Aitutaki seem to manage it just right.

Trains. Tried it once. Too hard. Too scarey.

No photos of planes but a nice one of me left with the cigars and booze while friends explore a very nice (I’m told) sculpture garden.

Cheryl's left behind with the booze

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