Friends and others too

What would we do without them eh? It worked well – just when one lot get tired a few new ones appear.  Call it serendipity but it’s great! People are there when you need them. For sure.

And with friends go good red wine, large wine glasses, shops that sell single cigars like my local dairy where I buy the cigars and catch up on the gossip. Taxi drivers who don’t charge extra for waiting….and with that I’m sorry to say that my regular taxi driver has had an accident and is in hospital so I hope he recovers easily.

Shuttle bus drivers – my regular company Co-Op Shuttles have been great! Stacey and John are my regular drivers and they are cool to chat with, don’t mind waiting while I drop into the dairy and keep me up to date with the news. I was going to write about the lives of shuttle bus drivers but ah well, that’s another lifetime. For now –  thanks heaps.

Home help. What a dream. ACC (yes really- imagine having to sort a legal case, while you are recovering from anaesthetic. No way).

Bodyworks gym  and the friendly people there. Especially the lovely Dan – how can I go on without him? He got me to walk again. Now he’s in Australia. Young men at the gym – helps the therapy you know. A smile, a laugh. Makes you feel human.

The guys who helped me across the road, helped me  up the pavement, asked if I  was ok. Therapies in Auckland. Visiting the casino with a careful young man.

Chiropractors and physios who are positive and cheery. It really really helps. Lush products, being able to pamper me. Helpful kind colleagues. The internet.

Fires, warm houses, computers, Second Life (I can dance in second life).

Small people like Ella and Betty, William and Penny (who carried some wood for me), Ollie, Bella, Millie and Eli….and the not so little George who carried the wood in for me and was helpful…… I loved meeting great nephew Luke too.

And friends. Did I say that? Friends who call and care and visit and take  me out and cook. Friends who allow me to stay with them. Thank god for friends.

Thanks everyone.


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