Cripples in the Cooks

I recently visited the Cooks which is a grand place to be a cripple. Everyone was helpful and walking along Muri Beach without the orthotic was bliss. I visited Aitutaki for the day and was spendidly looked after by the lovely Phil who not only piggy backed me on and off the boat but hand held me when we went snorkelling.

The bus drivers, restaurant staff and friendly people at Ariana Bungalows were great and made me feel…..uncrippled. It’s a shame that returning to NZ was a trial with unhelpful staff at the airport, a long walk to customs (they did finally provide me with a wheelchair but no-one to push it). However the staff on the plane were great and upgraded me for the going there journey. Crippled? Go to the Cooks.

Crippled in the Cooks
Crippled in the Cooks

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